Terminator leghold trap:

A compact coil-spring powered trap ideal to hold jackal and lynx. It features an off-set jaw-gap of 6-8 mm width, a trigger plate adjustment screw, a jaw spread of 155 mm and central swivelling. Because of these features the terminator is the only government approved trap. Spare parts, springs and drag anchors are also available. 


If you are not confident handling traps, I suggest you watch my instructional video on YouTube - see the link here on my page. 

Heavy-duty leghold trap:

This trap is based on the terminator design featuring the same characteristics except that it is much bigger, heavier and much more powerful. It has a shock absorber in the fastening chain, will hold rogue hyaena, leopard and bush pig. It comes with setting levers. 

Killer trap - also known as body-grip or nekslaaner :

Ideal for the control of lynx and porcupine it kills instantly. It is weather proof and requires little maintenance.