Set of three lures:

This is my standard set of three differently smelling attractants for jackal and lynx to be used with both leghold and cage traps. 


A mild smelling but powerful attractant specifically formulated to draw lynx into cages and onto leghold traps. To a lesser extent it works for jackal and dogs as well. Use one teaspoon full and it will do the trick. 

Jakkalspille onder "construction"

My Single Lethal Dose (SLD) authorized Poison Drop Bait:

This is my most successful and economocal control method against jackals, stray dogs and to a lesser extent lynx. This bait contains a single lethal dose of 1080 poison. It does not harm vultures and other raptors and there will be no secondary poisoning effect. Because of these reasons the Department of Health has approved this bait (Licence no: NDoH-WCP 06/2022). This set comes with an additional booster lure and an application stick.