A loner and maverick, Hans Wedde sets out to rid the arid Karoo of ongediertes (predators), but his deep-seated sense of right and wrong leads him on a collision course with fate that has a shocking conclusion. As he moves from courteous gentleman to ruthless killer, Hans constantly examines his conscience and delves into his past to find lessons there. His life is full of coincidences, but are they just that, or is there some principle behind them?Through lasting friendships and enduring love, Hans is a flawed but steadfast character who finds his way as best he can in a hostile world. The author has been in the predator-control business for 40 years. He has drawn on his experiences to write a story of beauty and savagery and sketch scenarios that will challenge the reader’s thinking on what is right and wrong.

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Hierdie book gaan nie net oor jakkalsjag nie, maar ook oor vreemde ervarings, oor wolwe-woede, ongewone ontmoetings, oor Merino-glorie en diep herinnerings.