New revised uncensored training Video! 

(This video is only available in Afrikaans)

It shows all the important methods for effective predator control, focusing mainly on the proper use of leghold traps, set locations, cage traps and most importantly on the proper placement of SLD (Single Lethal Dose) poison drop bait. This SLD toxic bait is authorized by the authorities. It covers all important technique (Note that it does not cover calling techniques). This is an improved version of my old training DVD, and it's for free, just click the video.

Inhoudsopgawe volgens minute.

  • 00:00 >>>> 3:28  Algemeen

  • 3:28 >>>> 40:41  Stel van slagysters, stelplekke en lokaas

  • 40:41 >>>> 44:13  My beste rooikatstel (vee-en wildwerend)

  • 44:13 >>>> 44:29  'n kort jakkals-roeptoets

  • 44:35 >>>> 52:20  Die nekslaner of "killer trap"

  • 52:21 >>>> 57:18  Die stel van 'n vanghok

  • 57:19 >>>> 1:15:50  Plasing van jakkals-gifaas (single lethal dose toxic bait)

  • 1:15:50 >>>> 1:33:40  Vang van groot ongedierte met slagyster (vee-en wildwerend)