King Collar:

King collar large (above) and King collar small (below). 

This tough plastic collar protects the throat area of sheep and goats against predator bites. It comes in two sizes for lambs and adult animals. 

Toxic Collar:

Toxic collar large (above)

Toxic collar small (below)

The toxic collar consists of two 1080-poison-filled compartments and also comes in two sizes for lambs and adult animals.  Attached to the throat of sheep and goats it will kill a predator as it attacks,bites and punctures the poison-filled compartments. It is very target specific and also approved by the Department of Health. 

Protect-A-Lamb bells

This is an age old method to keep predators at bay. Every lamb should from an early age be fitted with a bell around its neck. It is quite effective to protect lambs up to an age of about two months.